Sanitrax International and 2020 ENGINEERING form a strategic partnership

June 22, 2020 


Sanitrax International and 2020 ENGINEERING form a strategic partnership 

Vacuum Sanitation, Waste Conveyance & Water-Nutrient Recovery/Reuses 

Sanitrax International B.V., a leader in mobile vacuum sanitation solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with 2020 ENGINEERING, Inc., a US leader offering design and construction expertise in sustainable “deep green” buildings, and site and water systems. This partnership will promote turn-key design-build and ongoing operations monitoring options for advanced technologies that enable “off grid” water conservation and reuse solutions related to vacuum waste conveyance sanitation. Both companies are recognized leaders in providing alternative wastewater solutions using vacuum equipment. 

The combined activities of the two companies enables a complete product offering to the customers; needs assessment, engineering assistance, sustainable design, full modular sanitation concept from mobile to semi permanent and permanent, and closed-loop sanitation and water reclamation projects. These installations can drastically reduce operating costs, water usage, wastewater production, and carbon footprint. 

Sanitrax enables stadiums, amphitheaters, festivals, events, disaster response and homeless housing camps to achieve maximum hygiene, reduction of long bathroom wait lines and increased drink and food sales by upgrading away from plastic “porta potties”. Sanitrax solutions provide enhanced user experiences for toilets, urinals, washbasins, showers, and ADA and VIP restrooms. The heart of the concept, the Sanitrax Tech Module, is fully integrated with the Sanitrax Remote Monitoring App. Remote monitoring enables users to see essential functions, including water and energy usage, in real time on an iOS device for managing for both temporary and permanent installations. 

2020 ENGINEERING recognizes how Sanitrax has developed a packaged end-to-end vacuum wastewater conveyance system, and is eager to offer an integrated and sustainable option of design-build-operate engineering solutions. We are excited to partner with Sanitrax to unlock the value of sustainably designed buildings and “off grid” solutions,” said Mark Buehrer, PE, Founder & Director of 2020 ENGINEERING

2020 ENGINEERING has a deep knowledge and expertise in sustainable buildings and vacuum sanitation technology, which will prove to be extremely valuable for our current and future customers,” said Marcel Bikker, MSc, Founder/CEO, Sanitrax. “This partnership aligns with our core innovation strategy on many fronts and can help provide our mutual customers with greater insight to make more informed decisions to leverage Sanitrax vacuum sanitation solutions across many current and future wastewater conveyance and water-nutrient reuse applications.” 

About Sanitrax International, B.V. Sanitrax International, headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is a leading innovative supplier of mobile freshwater vacuum sanitation solutions. Events, festivals, and venues that previously relied on plastic porta potties and restroom trailers for general admission ticket holders, can greatly improve the customer satisfaction levels for their fans by using the Sanitrax solution. Sanitrax provides an upgraded hygienic temporary and permanent restroom experience for music fans, groups, workers, military and humanitarian aid applications with scalable modularized toilets, urinals, washbasins, showers, and, ADA and VIP restrooms. Various large rental companies own Sanitrax equipment which they rent to many large outdoor events and amphitheaters across the USA, Europe and Canada. For more information please visit: 

About 2020 ENGINEERING, Inc 2020 ENGINEERING, based in Bellingham, Washington, is an engineering consulting company specializing in the development and implementation of engineering designs that utilize the best of today’s conventional engineering practices along with new, emerging and alternative technologies. 2020 has applied a broad range of public and private engineering design and project management experience applied to low impact site development, and sustainable “deep green” building strategies. Since 1995, 2020 ENGINEERING has been involved with the research, planning, and/or design of hundreds of sustainable and low impact development (LID) projects in many different areas of the USA, Canada and other countries, at residential, commercial, industrial, educational, entertainment, and municipal levels. 2020’s sustainable and low impact designs for net zero waste, net zero energy, net zero water, and net zero carbon applications include porous pavements and raingardens, water conservation, rainwater harvesting systems, vacuum flush toilet and greywater systems, ecologically based wastewater treatment & water reuse systems, urban agriculture, such as algae microfarms, aquaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, and aeroponics, as well as material recycling and composting facilities. For more information please visit: 

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