Founder and Director

Education: B.S. in Civil Engineering

Mark is a professional civil engineer, author, inventor, and the founder and director of 2020 ENGINEERING.  Since 1995, 2020 ENGINEERING has been at the forefront of the research and development of sustainable methods, systems, and infrastructures that reduce capital and operating costs, recycle and reduce material consumption and waste, restore and protect ecological systems, and create and maintain healthy communities.  He conceived and developed the concept of Wholistic Engineering, which provides an integrated “problem solving” approach that considers all issues and possible conditions related to the development of a project, such as: laws & regulations, social concerns, politics, special interests, economic & environmental issues, technology, and resources.

Mark has provided master planning, engineering design, and/or construction management assistance on hundreds of LEED, LID and other sustainable type projects, including Living Building Challenge projects, in many parts of North America and around the world. His innovative sustainable water resource designs include: vacuum flush toilet & greywater systems, rainwater harvesting systems, ecologically based wastewater treatment & water reuse systems, algae microfarms, aquaculture, aquaponics, urban agriculture, permeable pavements, raingardens, and material recycling & composting facilities.

Mark is a frequent author for various publications and a speaker at sustainable and LID conferences and workshops. He enjoys spending time with his wife, four grown children and grandkids, and exploring both the great outdoors and cities around the world.