Issaquah, WA

zHome is the first multifamily, production, zero-energy, carbon neutral community in the United States. zHome is a 10-unit townhouse development that will prove that homes using zero net energy and 60% less water, emit net zero carbon emissions, have clean indoor air and use only lowtoxicity materials, are possible and scalable to mainstream home production. Aggressive, numeric Benchmarks drive the community’s design, including: Zero Net Energy; Zero Net CO2 Emissions; Water Conservation; Healthy-LowToxic Homes; Deep Green Materials and Low Impact Site Design. zHome was sponsored by the City of Issaquah, and developed and built by Howland Homes, in  partnership with: Built Green, King County, Port Blakely Communities, Puget Sound Energy and the Washington State University Energy Program. One goal of the project is to   educate and inspire builders, architects, designers, subcontractors and the general public to take action towards sustainable building and healthy living. 2020 ENGINEERING was responsible for meeting two of the project’s Benchmarks. For the Water Conservation Benchmark, the design includes a combination of low fl ow water fixtures along with rainwater harvesting for toilet flushing and clothes washing. This design met the Benchmark of reducing potable water demand by 60% (compared to the baseline water use of other local homes). The Low Impact Stormwater Runoff Benchmark was achieved with the use of porous pavements and raingardens which provide 100% infiltration of all the stormwater on the site.

Mark Buehrer

Brad Liljequist, AICP, LEED-AP 425.837.3448

Net Positive Water Design
Water Conservation:
Water Fixtures & Rainwater Harvesting Systems Designs
Low Impact Development:
Stormwater Report and Porous Pavement & Raingarden Designs