Valley View Middle School in Snohomish County has an approximate student body of 1000 and used the Living Building Challenge Version 2.0 as a design standard for sustainability. 2020 ENGINEERING assisted throughout the design process evaluating the Cost of Ownership of various systems for the new school. Sustainable strategies evaluated included geothermal, photovoltaic cells, wastewater reuse, rainwater harvesting, raingardens, pervious pavements and others. 2020 ENGINEERING provided the rainwater harvesting system collection design. Rainwater collected from the 80,000+ square foot roof is collected in a series of 32 custom designed stainless steel cisterns, and one large underground vault, which is used for toilet and urinal flushing. The total storage of 100,000 gallons of non-potable rainwater reduces the potable water use by 80%.  The rainwater system provides a clean and clear water supply by using a series of screens and filters and ensures that no sediment will damage piping or plumbing fixtures within the building.

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