2020 ENGINEERING helped conceive and design the innovative Net Positive Water + Urban Agriculture system that was integrated into this LBC office building though a well-orchestrated design process that involved many of the design team members. In addition to reducing water use by means of micro-flush vacuum toilets and waterless urinals, composting units, and low flow fixtures, this LBC building harvests and stores rainwater onsite for potable and non-potable water uses including irrigation of the urban agriculture gardens, and also treats greywater from showers and sinks for water reuse supplies to the micro-flush toilets and the irrigation of an amazing indoor living wall.

Arch|Nexus president Kenner Kingston stated, “We’ve got a long way to go in terms how we interact with the land, with the natural environment, and being responsible stewards. Stewards of the environment, stewards of our businesses, stewards of place. Place matters.”

This LBC project design-build team included: Arch|Nexus, 2020 ENGINEERING, Glumac, Warren Consulting Engineers, Miyamoto, Sustain3, Capital Engineering, Habitat Horticulture, and MarketOne Builders. This showcase sustainable building also recently received Version 4 LEED platinum certification.

Mark Buehrer

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Net Positive Water Design
Water Conservation and
Water Demands Estimation
Rainwater Harvesting
Micro-flush Vacuum Toilets
Indoor Living Wall for Treatment
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