Business Pulse: 2020 ENGINEERING Business Profile

2020 ENGINEERING was featured in the Fall 2017 Issue on Innovative Agribusiness as a pioneer in sustainability and the green building movement. The article highlighted Mark Buehrer’s passion for nature inspired engineering design, healthy human centric LED lighting, the challenges of early adoption of sustainable and low impact designs, the economics of going green, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Eco-Resort project in Belize, the proposed Bellingham Organics urban aquaponics facility, and the future of sustainability via aquaculture, hydroponics, living walls, rooftop gardens, etc.

We neeed to think about sustainability for the long term. From the aesthetics – the enjoyment we can receive – to the health and environmental benefits, because what we do today is what we will leave behind for our children.

-Mark Buehrer, Founder 2020 Engineering/2020 LED Lighting